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Kangen Water® Ionizers have been in the market for over 45 years and are being used in thousands of restaurants and commercial entities across the globe.

People everywhere are discovering the life-changing power of Kangen Water®

Make your own healthy, antioxidant-rich drinking water that’s rich in minerals and purged of impurities, right in your own home!

Human Body is made up of 70-75% of water

We Are Water Beings

“Water molecules come in clusters rather than single molecules. Tap water has a very large cluster of 10 to 15 molecules per cluster. Kangen water uses electrolysis to reduce large tap water clusters from their original size into ‘micro-clusters’ (5-6 molecules per cluster). The smaller cluster size gives excellent hydrating properties. High solubility and good permeability ”

Properties of Kangen Water

Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic’s innovative water technology. In Japanese, kangen means “Return to the origin”. Nature has produced “miracle waters” in several places around the world, The secret to these waters is that they are clean, alkaline, micro-clustered, antioxidant waters. Kangen Water® has three main properties that distinguish it from regular water:


Kangen Water® is armed with antioxidants that eliminate free radicals from the body. Neutralize free radicals and fortify your body's defence against diseases.


Alkaline-rich water helps balance the body's pH which tends to be acidic due to our unhealthy eating habits, stress and exposure to environmental toxins.


Maximize hydration & detoxification on a cellular level! Because the molecules are so small, they are more easily and quickly absorbed into our cells.

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How Enagic Machines produce Kangen Water

Kangen Water First property Antioxidant Rich

Kangen Water Second property Alkalizing

Kangen Water Third property Micro Clustered

Presenting LeveLuk K8 Machine

The K8 (Kangen 8) is Enagic’s most powerful antioxidant machine – featuring 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates for improved water ionization and increased antioxidant production potential.

Capable of producing 5 types of water:

  • Kangen Water (8.5, 9.0, 9.5 pH)
  • Clean Water (7.0 pH)
  • Beauty water (6.0 pH)
  • Strong Kangen Water (11.0 pH)
  • Strong Acidic water (2.5 ph)

Usage of Kangen Water

Home Care

It is important to maintain a clean home to keep your family in excellent health. Cleaning products on the market today add toxic, unnatural ingredients that are harmful to the environment and may even have negative effects on your body. Kangen Water pH2.5 is perfect for sanitation, cleaning and disinfectant, for food preparation. Anti-bacterial, disinfectant, first-aid, wound care, odor eliminator, mouth wash & defrosting frozen foods.

Personal Care

Thanks to your Enagic® water ionizing machine, you won't have to sacrifice your beautiful, youthful hair and skin for green products!

Kangen Water can help keep you beautiful and clean on the outside too.

Kangen Water pH 5.5 - 6.5 also known as Beauty Water can be use for personal hygiene, skin care, astringent/toner, moisturizer, hair rinse, makeup remover and sticky residue remover.

Garden Care

Gardening is an ideal activity for your health, your budget, and your environment. This timeless pastime offers a great way to connect with nature.

Gardening with Enagic® provides even more benefits to your plants! Unlike tap and bottled water your Enagic® water ionizing machine will generate pH 5.5 - 6.5 clean waters that is ideal for healthy soil, plants, and compost.

Kitchen Care

You can use Kangen Water® in cooking and cleaning your produces! Even organic produce could carry unwanted substances, like natural fertilizers, Emulsifiers, Pesticides and pollution. Kangen Water pH 11.5 is best for washout fertilizers, Chemicals, Pesticides and pollution from your produce.

Healthy eating supports a healthy body. Kangen water pH 8.5-9.5 is ideal for cooking Soups, stews, and water used in cooking.

Pet Care

Pet shampoos, medicines, and food can frequently include chemicals and additives that are not natural and don't support a healthy pet or environment. Supplies and medicines account for over $10 billion in pet care spending, but the quality of the ingredients of these products have much to be desired.

Kangen Water pH 5.5-6.5 is specially for Pet care. It can be use for Pets fur rinse and shine as well as better hydration and digestion of pets.

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